Sunday, April 22, 2012

something beautiful about love

You know it.
Do You know, where is infinity? It is in Your eyes. There, where the sky-blue rays touch each other, joining into a point, darker than a shadow of night. Your eyes are like two gates to our dreams. I dive into them as in a small dark lake at full moon in the middle of a forest. Only peace and our heartbeats are there. Silence. No words, no excuses, no explanations, just You and I and the power between us.
These eyes
- Depth of Universe
- Blue of Sea
There’s all what There has to be.
Do You know the location of Heaven? It is near You. To hold Your hands, to touch Your hair, waving in the wind, to feel Your breath- it can’t be compared to some angels in the clouds. You are my Angel and my Heaven is near You.
Nowhere in Universe Is a place like it’s here;
Nowhere in Universe As long as You’re near.
The heat of love, the fire of feelings. Why do I stop breathing when I look at You? Why does Your smile give Me wings to meet You in the clouds? I have never asked You, You have never answered. Why? Was I afraid that the wind would take my words away when We were sitting under the big oak on the top of a hill, watching the sun going down. Silent splashes of waves on the bank of the river, purple rays and their reflections on the water…The wind whispers secret words in the leaves of the oak…I hide My face into Your hair and feel Your flavour of violets. I didn’t tell You, You didn’t hear, but we both felt. You felt the words that didn’t need to be cried aloud, the words I whisper now -
“I love You!”
~Dzintars A. ~

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