Saturday, January 8, 2011


About information and and :)
There is sometimes side ...we always have given a choice to choose between something ... On that i got a question - what ? What we can can choose, and when we choose something (for example the way we will go to some place - path) how knowingly we do it ?
So far when i tried to decompose analyzed systems I got that.... every flow consists of matery, energy and information at some level of abstraction ...what i have understood ? ... everything can be detailed to information level if we look on the question what choice we have? - we have a choice to accept or not to accept information - but at the same time in some things we can choose, in some we do not think about what we choose .... what this means... for example we drink water - we do not know from where it is, what kind of water we have... actually no information about it.... but we accept it as trustable and drink it just because we bought it in shop and it must be ok ... about everything else ...everywhere is some kind of information.... the question is do we care and do we need to care about it...
even in cells - there is information what to accept - what minerals, what flow ....
also tea - it has information about the place it came from, about preparation process.... the taste and smell are some characteristics we can sense...and in some level maybe intuition we feel accept it or not....
So some information we can accept knowingly, some just by sense... but do our life change if we at least choose positive information from that all we see each day ? I would say yes but i have no proofs :)
In everything else is sense and trust in intuition :)

What is trust ?  Where it comes ? why we need it ?  :) Kind of stupid questions from some point of view ...probably it is even stupid to think about it but i did...
what i got ?
When we perceive the world we need to trust that what we see or hear or feel is something real we can somehow explain now or by additional questions we can ask. We trust and it is the only way to connect and create relations between some objects, between know and do/can...Perceiving world, trusting in others this is also the way  we are able to trust ourselves. When something goes wrong ...if the things we have trusted are not like we believed in ..we loose some trust also to ourselves ....because we even instinctively assume that there could be also something wrong with our ability to perceive, understand, transform, remember....
trust is important in knowledge acquisition, representation and reasoning :)

these are just unstructured thoughts :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.