Sunday, October 28, 2012


One day rich family went to country side to show their son how poor people live there. They spend one day in farm with a family. When they went home next day dad asked to his son: "How did you liked this trip?"
Son answered: "I liked it much dad"
Dad: "Did you saw how poor people can be?"
Son: ""Yes!"
Dad: "And what you have learned?"
Son: "I saw they have 4 dogs when we have just one. I saw they have river that goes till horizon, but we have just a pool. They have sky full of stars, when we have just lamps. Our courtyard is till fence, they own all horizon..."
Dad was sitting quite...
Son noted: "Thanks dad that you showed how poor we are" 

A joke

Lady goes to the market to buy a chicken, seller gives her one and she takes it and pokes it, squeeze it, smells it and holds it up and down and explores it wings - she examines it from inside and outside and gives it back to seller saying : "I dont like it..." On what seller says: "lady I ask your pardon me for asking but could you pass the test like that..."


"When I look into your eyes, I see all that i have missed for, all that I need, all that person could desire - more than it is ever possible to get. Sometimes come moments when these desires becomes the reason, content, breath, fire and miracle of life. It is possible to realize and feel it deeply so clearly maybe just for a few minutes or seconds time by time, but in these moments life stops and the world stops to rotate. It reborns. Or maybe finally born. Love is something that can never be filled. Never. So it never ends."

~Laura Tabūna~

Beautiful quote

If somebody would say that i have blue eyes, but would not give a mirror, i would believe all my life that i have blue eyes. The mirror is culture, education, self-awareness and cognition of others. When i look in this mirror i think: "How small i am". Without mirror i can go through life without realizing that i am small. Unless near will not appear someone really big. But also this big, without mirror will not realize, that he is big.
/"Suada - sadedzināta dzīva", Sētava, Rīga, 2008/