Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brīnums ir brīdis, kad Dievs pārspēj rekordus.
/Žans Žirodū/

Cik viedam gan jābūt,lai nekad nezaudētu labsirdību!
/Marija Ēbnere-Ešebbaha/

Klusuma auglis ir Lūgsna. Lūgsnas auglis ir Ticība. Ticības auglis ir mīlestība. Mīlestības auglis ir Kalpošana. Kalpošanas auglis ir Miers.
/Māte Terēze/

Cilvēks pārtiek nevis no tā, ko apēd, bet no tā, ko sagremo. Tas vienādi attiecināms gan uz prātu, gan uz ķermeni.
/Benžmins Franklins/

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

rules :)

We often say exceptions proves the rule, but we usually forgot...
"Exceptions are not always the proof of the old rule; they can also be the harbinger of a new one." ~M.Ebner-Eschenbach~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Labāk lai tevi ienīst par to, kāds tu esi, nevis lai tevi mīl par to, kāds tu izliecies, ka esi.
/Kurts Kobeins/

Something nice :)

I gave you the power to think.
I gave you the power to love.
I gave you the power to will.
I gave you the power to laugh.
I gave you the power to imagine.
I gave you the power to create.
I gave you the power to plan.
I gave you the power to speak.
I gave you the power to pray.
I gave you the power to heal.

power of choice....

Choose to love ... rather than hate.
Choose to laugh ... rather than cry.
Choose to create ... rather than destroy.
Choose to persevere ... rather than quit.
Choose to praise ... rather than gossip.
Choose to heal ... rather than wound.
Choose to give ... rather than steal.
Choose to act ... rather than procrastinate.
Choose to grow ... rather than rot.
Choose to pray ... rather than curse.
Choose to live ... rather than die.

 /From the book "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Og Mandino/

We always have power of choice and always have at least two choices... all we need to do is to believe, not afraid and choose ... in this we choose the best and do not swim by flow others & environment create ... the secret is even we choose what is the best we need we never know the real result, but it always will be better for us than in other option when we choose nothing at all... because we make a decision, we take responsibility for our life -  we live, create, persevere, give, praise, act, grow, love, pray, laugh, heal !

Happy and fulfilled week! :-)

almoust full moon :)