Sunday, September 21, 2008


It was a fantastic  experience :) 
The greatest thing was  - I still remember how to present  - if honestly was thinking that after 3 years it will be hard to back to the science in english :)
From this moment I know the thingies I have to write for my PhD to create the theorie... much to do - need to overview & make an analysis for the knowledge representation technologies, methods - the way someone can do this

the melody for today ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something about

Ok so far I havn`t write nothing about the frames. There it comes ...
"First, a frame is a data-structure for representing a stereotyped situation. We can think of a frame as a network of nodes and relations. Collections of related frames are linked together into frame-systems." (Minsky 1974) I understand a frame as a data structure that can be a node in frame system and consists of frame name, frame properties (slots) nad can be used to represent a real worl ... The frame consist of the frame name and properties, where the property also can be a frame. The problems arrises when trying to represent the actions, behaviour that acctually characterize the concept represented by frame.  In my work I have used the Stuctural modelling ideas to create the frame -based representation system - each concept can be represented as a object that has a inner data structure (frame), can be defined functions, behaviour for the objects. Need to understand a system to represent it. The problem that is actual at the moment: I need to find a real system than can be represented using the representation system. Of course there can be represented system without complete information about it but I need to find a complete system description to represent concepts, properties, functions, behaviour, parameters and more, more - unreal :D So need to think at least what to pick and must to start an analyse to make a complete representation. Discipline? Mechanics (will not find enough materials), Biology (maybe can find some expert), Mathematics (will not find a system that evolves and adapts need something real)....

I havn`t write clearly (my hapiness this is not a publication :D) - at the moment I`m trying to understand all the ideas and thoughts myself.

Minsky 1974: Marvin Minsky, A Framework for Representing Knowledge, 1974. (

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Rush

Tonigth a found some songs - a movie August Rush was full of them. They was romantic, beautifull and full of life :) The songs inspirates me to think, to think, to imagine and to create - create what i love :)

One more of the publications is accepted :) Just need to write and to believe it (dance) Seems need to say as the quote in the August Rush movie "But I believe in music...The way that some people believe in fairy tales."   Just in mine case I believe in the work I do ... :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have a lot of crazy thoughts what can be probably be usefull in my work, but need to describe them to prove, to explain and realize them not in my thougths but also on the paper and that makes problems - time, time, time... I have plenty time but in the same moment I have so little time to spend writing. Also I have discovered when I thinking slowly I get much more great ideas than ussually :) Sad I cant draw here - it is bad - i cant be such creative as I can be :(

From today i will start to write in my One note  - hope it will be effective solution  - anyway I know the pencil and the paper will be placed near my bed for the special thougths in my dreams. The ideal solution can be some digital list kind device with the pencil  - ok I`m dreaming :D sad but the ability to recognize the handwriting still is weak. Maybe some day :)

More that ever today I feel a power of my thougths - all I read or see is like parallel approximation for my work - to realize powerfull knowledge representation and i LOVE it!

If something is possible with the object, but isn`t happened, it will some time...

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sunday, July 13, 2008

To be or not to be

Found an interesting topic and decided why not to make my own blog. Sad, but usually the writing ends after some 3 entries. Hopefully this try will success and i will write :)
My interests and my PhD work is entailed with the branch of AI - knowledge representation, specifically with frames - but since mine research is just in the begining the creativity has or belong the space of time :)