Friday, April 15, 2011

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to Mitchell Rabinowitz (19 days ago)

Is information just information or does the way that information is organized and used varied by domain? I am starting to look at this question and would appreciate thoughts and comments.

"Poetry is a very nonlinear use of language, where the meaning is more than just the sum of the parts," /C.Langton/
similar is with any information ... these are just my thougths... but maybe writen can be useful in any way :)  And even disagree allows better understand our own point of view :)

Some information varies, some not - and it can vary in different ways...but it do not change the main characteristics of information ... any information has some meaning and it always is part of something. Information contains facts organised in some specific way and it is transfered via some flow. Organisation is described as relation between parts, which causes the change in other parts (parts can be anything - actions, objects). Organised means structured with purpose to fulfil some function/goal. So from this aspect organised means information is context dependent - related to some domain. But it does not disclude that once acquired all or some part of information cant be used as pattern in any other domain. Also information is never just information - it always is given and perceived by someone (so there can be acquired some characteristics which allows to determine identity - information is identity (that also can be any object) dependent). Even the same information given at the same time, place will differ in some aspects, but we will see same pattern - the same words, the same sentences... The question is can it be reused or not....and to reuse something we need to see connections - i think anything can be reused just if have the rigth techniques in rigth time...
So information is context, identity and time dependent :)

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