Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like in that brainstorm song:

"Someone wants her body,
And someone wants her mind,
And someone tells the stories,
'cos someone wants her time

And someone wants her bedroom,
And someone wants her smile,
And someone wants to love her
To love her for a while"....

i see how many pay attention to some of all mentioned things.... so obviously... just in my case nobody cares to look on everything a whole :)
Because when we look on someone/something as whole we need to accept not only some of parts, but also emergent characteristics - and this unfortunately includes everything connected to personality :) Do i really are such a stranger that behavior which is acquired as sum of parts has less quality as whole behavior ? Interesting question isn't it ? :) Even if i do not talk about me - indeed can it in reality be reality ? hard to believe :)

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