Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"emergent "

I like and i hate that word ...why ? because: a) in latvian there is no direct translation that can be used
b) it means suddenly appears or belongs to whole, but not for separated fact "emerge" means appear.. SO .... do we talk here about new properties that 1) appear because of evolution, or 2 ) about properties that system already have - like every typical kind of object ? properties that appear at the moment when system appears ... OR maybe we talk about both ? Because system have properties that are qualitative different from the properties that system parts have ... AND that is just logical ...  or if emergent is related just to the first case - to properties which appear in the process of self organization...THEN there is a need for more precise definition.... and i got a question ... why then we do not talk about the 2 case ? It doesn't characterize complex system ?
so everything is so tricky ? or i think too much ? or i have no idea what i talk about .... the last one of course would be the sad case...

I found....... I found....... emergent = aggregate :)  :)  :)

correction nr2. heh but still this is not good....because aggregate is good for the 2 case more

so if there would be a good word that connects emerge+ aggregate ... it would be more correct ...... need to think ......

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