Friday, February 11, 2011

old- about person of value :)

(From the system point of view) value is something that changes a lot... even if it has predefined boundaries… it adapts to the changes in envirounment so that person/system can the same time value is that special thing that differs for each system/object/property  and makes it unique.... so value as predifened means change…
Person of value it is person that can adapt to changes (which can be changes in world, changes in someone we care, changes in ourselves), can understand them and accept, to be person of value means to be wise…. at least some kind… for everybody value is something else because we try to reach things that we think are more easy to reach, for what we have energy, what we think are real (most of people afraid to dream and realize dreams)… Even if we look similar: head, hands, legs… each of us is unique and we can not judge other for something just because we have not and we will never have the same knowledge and experience and….and…and… I think first it takes courage to recognize and accept that everyone is individuality - after it is a joy to discover….
In short …person of value is someone that sees value of other poeple and respects them… (…but to be able to see value of other you must understand your value first)
It is like ….to be able to store something you need to have place where to store… to be able to give knowledge you must have knowledge… to be able to give energy you must have it yourselve….
Person of value?  For example:
Nanny in kindergarten J - she sees children personalities, respects them and children love her.
Successful leader in group – he sees personalities, knows what motivates each of group members and respects everybody; he sees how to use pros and cons to integrate group.

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