Friday, January 14, 2011

value :-)

value, value, value.... it is extremely subjective measure - which for one system is good for another is bad

no matter what value is .... some color or number or list of something... each system has its limitations and subjective measures that fits to some determined goals

value : 5 min - tricky ... from some point of view it is time - what can be more objective :D

you will agree.....
               for someone who waits tram it is some time to wait;
               for someone who just wake up and sits on bed and thinks it is not much

value :  1 Eu

               for someone who have some millions it is nothing
               for someone who has no cent it is much

and how simple it is - just value

so the importance of value is determined by its usage, by system goals - how important is is to element and how important is element for a system...we do evaluation even without thinking much on it and do it every day because everything changes....we move in the huge system of coordinates :-)

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