Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Each month or once in 2 at work we (colleagues) celebrate birthdays & name days ... so i was asked what i want on my name day on what i replied i dont care what will be i know it will be nice :-) i know she always find something which i like, because i am easy predictable :D

when went home was thinking what i like and i was thinking also about list my friend had one her birthday what she would like...and understood that most of the things she would like to receive i dont care ... because if i want something like that i go and find myself but for surprise to myself i got list also for myself:
1. always and forever i like flowers :) ( alive :o) )
2. books
3. ticket to theater, opera, cinema...

mine is easy :o)  

so most of the people are more complex as me but what is the strangest ...they think i am ...this is what i understood as well today :D

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