Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Ok so far I havn`t write nothing about the frames. There it comes ...
"First, a frame is a data-structure for representing a stereotyped situation. We can think of a frame as a network of nodes and relations. Collections of related frames are linked together into frame-systems." (Minsky 1974) I understand a frame as a data structure that can be a node in frame system and consists of frame name, frame properties (slots) nad can be used to represent a real worl ... The frame consist of the frame name and properties, where the property also can be a frame. The problems arrises when trying to represent the actions, behaviour that acctually characterize the concept represented by frame.  In my work I have used the Stuctural modelling ideas to create the frame -based representation system - each concept can be represented as a object that has a inner data structure (frame), can be defined functions, behaviour for the objects. Need to understand a system to represent it. The problem that is actual at the moment: I need to find a real system than can be represented using the representation system. Of course there can be represented system without complete information about it but I need to find a complete system description to represent concepts, properties, functions, behaviour, parameters and more, more - unreal :D So need to think at least what to pick and must to start an analyse to make a complete representation. Discipline? Mechanics (will not find enough materials), Biology (maybe can find some expert), Mathematics (will not find a system that evolves and adapts need something real)....

I havn`t write clearly (my hapiness this is not a publication :D) - at the moment I`m trying to understand all the ideas and thoughts myself.

Minsky 1974: Marvin Minsky, A Framework for Representing Knowledge, 1974. (

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