Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have a lot of crazy thoughts what can be probably be usefull in my work, but need to describe them to prove, to explain and realize them not in my thougths but also on the paper and that makes problems - time, time, time... I have plenty time but in the same moment I have so little time to spend writing. Also I have discovered when I thinking slowly I get much more great ideas than ussually :) Sad I cant draw here - it is bad - i cant be such creative as I can be :(

From today i will start to write in my One note  - hope it will be effective solution  - anyway I know the pencil and the paper will be placed near my bed for the special thougths in my dreams. The ideal solution can be some digital list kind device with the pencil  - ok I`m dreaming :D sad but the ability to recognize the handwriting still is weak. Maybe some day :)

More that ever today I feel a power of my thougths - all I read or see is like parallel approximation for my work - to realize powerfull knowledge representation and i LOVE it!

If something is possible with the object, but isn`t happened, it will some time...

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